Quality Management Policy

EnzyQuest by means of providing high quality products has defined as upper purpose the continuous improvement of product quality. To achieve this goal EnzyQuest has developed and implements a Quality Management System certified with ΕΝ ISO 9001:2015.

The basic quality objectives are:

  • The design, development and production of molecular biology products that exceed customer expectations using the best available technology and “know-how” and conforms with applicable regulatory, statutory requirements.
  • The commitment of keeping the defined deadlines and always in accordance with the conditions laid down regarding company’s projects management.
  • The continuous improvement of Quality Management System as well as products’ performance
  • The continuous training of all employees regarding quality so that they can adapt the defined procedures in their routine tasks
  • The compliance with regulatory requirements.

The above objectives will be achieved through:

  • The systematic monitoring of Quality Management System effectiveness through annual management review reports, internal audits etc.
  • The clearly defined customers’ requirements
  • The continues suppliers monitoring
  • The continuous training of company’s employees
  • The monitoring customer satisfaction through dedicated questionnaires

EnzyQuest’s Management evaluates its products performance and effectiveness through documented procedures and is committed to provide all the necessary means that can support the continuous improvement of company’s Quality Management System.

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