Quality Management Policy

The policy of EnzyQuest in the area of quality is expressed by the full commitment of the Management for the maximum possible satisfaction of the needs of its customers, for the services and products offered to them. The managers of all departments of the company have undertaken the obligation to fully implement the Quality Management Procedures throughout their area of responsibility. Their main concern is to raise the awareness of all staff on quality issues and the continuous effort to improve the existing Quality Management System and the efficiency of their work, through the efficient use of people, equipment and materials.

The basic quality policy that guides all EnzyQuest actions is summarized as follows:

  • To achieve and maintain the quality of its services at the level communicated to customers, using the best available technology and know-how for the financial capabilities of the company.
  • Implement its projects within the agreed deadlines and always in accordance to the agreed conditions, while special emphasis will be placed on monitoring the conditions for their implementation.
  • Plan the quality improvements of both its services and its products based on the information provided by customers.
  • Ensure organized education and training of all its staff in order to gain awareness of quality, hygiene and specialization in their work.
  • Continuous improvement in training and procedures within the framework of system quality and continuous effort to encourage its partners to do the same.
  • Maintain close personal contact with customers to ensure continuous information about their needs, and, in turn, the needs of their customers, in terms of quality and service.
  • Work with all partners to ensure that their level of quality and service is satisfactory.
  • Systematic monitoring and compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements relating to quality as well as other legal requirements related to its operation.

 In general, the purpose of EnzyQuest is to achieve, maintain and improve its image and reliability in the market by continuously supplying products of high quality.

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