Our vision of perfecting enzymatic processes is realized by our team of experts

EnzyQuest is a Heraklion Crete based biotech start-up focused on developing and commercializing new enzyme products that allow for more efficient manufacturing and analytical processes.

The EnzyQuest team carries extensive experience in enzyme discovery and manufacturing. Our enzymes find applications in research, health and food industry.

Unlike other approaches, EnzyQuest, uses a unique AI and wet-lab combination to discover enzymes found in organisms that have, in the course of billions of years, adapted to extreme natural conditions, similar to those that are required in many industrial processes.

Our vision is to leverage the billions of years of nature’s evolutionary diversity into the service of today’s biotech industry to enable more efficient and more environment friendly processes.

Company Legal Details

  • Name: EnzyQuest P.C.
  • General Commercial Registry Number: 152162627000
  • V.A.T. Identification Number: 801225680
  • Headquarters: Heraklion Crete

We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team