PCR & DNA modifying enzymes

Traditional cloning tools, including the all-time classic Taq DNA polymerase ensure top performance.

DNA Polymerase I Large Fragment (Klenow Fragment)PCR & DNA modifying enzymes5u/μl3x400 U, 400 U60.00144.00pcr-and-modifying-enzymes
T4 DNA LigasePCR & DNA modifying enzymes400u/μl30000U, 3x30000U60.00144.00pcr-and-modifying-enzymes
Taq DNA PolymerasePCR & DNA modifying enzymes5u/μl500 U, 1000 U, 2500 U48.00185.00pcr-and-modifying-enzymes
Taq DNA Polymerase with dNTP mixPCR & DNA modifying enzymes5u/μl500 U (400μl dNTP mix 10mM), 1000 U (2x400μl dNTP mix 10mM)70.00120.00pcr-and-modifying-enzymes


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